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I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’m on Amazon almost daily. So when I found some cool kitchen products on Amazon that had limited-time promo code savings, I just had to share with you! I’ll update this page frequently so great deals can always be found here. Check back often!

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I’m seriously considering these oven mitts. I haven’t had an oven mitt in years but these silicone ones look attractive and very practical. There are multiple colors available, even one in a cute pattern, and you can’t beat 50% off these prices.

Use this link to see all the options (clicking on the photo won’t apply the promo code or show you the other colors).

Promotion ends April 15.



These attractive silicone and wooden kitchen utensils don’t have any reviews and have an expensive list price, but they ARE 80% off with promo code through April 16.

Save 80% with promo code 806B4N1G, through 4/16 while supplies last.



If you’re a coffee or tea drinker, or need a gift for someone who is, this nice, sturdy, matte-finish ceramic mug could be a good choice for you. I love the colors (the pink looks like a lovely salmon shade) and it comes in a gift box to make it easy to give away.

Save 25% with promo code 25M5AP4C, through April 28 while supplies last.



I’m a big fan of reusable anything and these reusable food bags check a lot of boxes. Freezer-safe and stand up-able, you get a kit with six bags in two sizes. And at 50% off with the promo code, it’s a great deal.

Save 50% with promo code 50JWXJO6, through April 20 while supplies last.

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