Air Fryer Cooking Times

air fryer cooking times including meats such as steak

Now that you have an air fryer and know how to use it, one of the biggest challenges will be deciding how long and at what temperature to cook your food. While most air fryer brands come with cookbooks and a select amount of air fryer cooking times, sometimes you will want to cook something not included in those items.

Now, thanks to, cook times and temperatures for a variety of your favorite foods is available in this easy-to-use chart.

From chicken to steak and broccoli to potatoes, we have done our best to cover it all and take the guesswork out of your air frying experience. The following chart will provide accurate air fyer cooking times for your convenience.

Air Fryer Cooking Times

TypeFoodTemperature (F)Cooking Time (minutes)
AppetizerEgg Roll3908
AppetizerTortilla Chips3508
AppetizerPotato Chips39020
AppetizerSweet Potato Chips35020
AppetizerPickles4008 - 10
BeefBeef & Broccoli36012
BeefFilet Mignon3909
BeefThai Larb35020
DessertApple Dumpling36524
FishFish & Chips40010
PorkSpiral Ham30030
PoultryChicken Tenders40020
PoultryChicken Wings40022
PoultryChicken Stir-fry36015
PoultryChicken Thighs39020
SeafoodCoconut Prawns / Shrimp3506 - 9
VegetablesGreen Beans4008
VegetablesSweet Potatoes Fries40022
VegetablesRoasted Potatoes40015

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