Air Fryer Cooking Times

air fryer cooking times including meats such as steak

Now that you have an air fryer and know how to use it, one of the biggest challenges will be deciding how long and at what temperature to cook your food. While most air fryer brands come with cookbooks and a select amount of air fryer cooking times, sometimes you will want to cook something not included in those items.

Now, thanks to, cook times and temperatures for a variety of your favorite foods is available in this easy-to-use chart.

From chicken to steak and broccoli to potatoes, we have done our best to cover it all and take the guesswork out of your air frying experience. The following chart will provide accurate air fyer cooking times for your convenience.

Air Fryer Cooking Times

TypeFoodTemperatureCooking Time (minutes)
AppetizerHomemade, Egg Roll390°F | 199°C8
AppetizerHomemade Mozzarella Sticks400°F | 205°C5
AppetizerHomemade Pickles400°F | 205°C8 - 10
AppetizerPot Stickers390°F | 199°C11-14
AppetizerPotato Chips390°F | 199°C20
AppetizerTortilla Chips350°F | 177°C8
AppetizerSweet Potato Chips350°F | 177°C20
BeefBeef & Broccoli360°F | 183°C12
BeefBeef Ribs400°F | 205°C
325°F | 162°C
10 then
BeefHamburger390°F | 199°C12
BeefMeatballs400°F | 205°C12
BeefSteak, Eye of Round360°F | 183°C12-15
BeefSteak, Filet Mignon390°F | 199°C9
BeefSteak, Flank400°F | 205°C12
BeefSteak, Ribeye (bone-in)400°F | 205°C10-18
BeefSteak, Sirloin400°F | 205°C8-14
BeefLondon Broil (2-3 lbs)400°F | 205°C20-28
BeefThai Larb350°F | 177°C20
BreakfastDonuts350°F | 177°C5
BreakfastBacon350°F | 177 °C10
BreakfastBacon (thick cut)350°F | 177°C10-14
BreakfastFrench Toast370°F | 165°C9
BreakfastCinnamon Rolls340°F | 171°C12-15
BreakfastQuiche Muffins350°F | 177°C12
DessertApple Dumpling365°F | 185°C24
DessertCake330°F | 165°C20
DessertCupcakes330°F | 165°C11
DessertChocolate Chip Cookie Cake370°F | 165°C15
DessertS'mores370°F | 165°C2
DessertBrownies325°F | 162°C20-30
EntreeGrilled Cheese390°F | 199°C5
EntreePersonal Pizza400°F | 205°C8-10
EntreeBlack Bean Burger370°F | 165°C8-10
EntreeHot Dogs390°F | 199°C5
EntreeTofu (1 layer half 1/2" cubes)360°F | 183°C12
PorkSpiral Ham300°F | 149°C30
PorkPork Chops380°F | 187°C15 flip
5-10 more
PorkPork Loin360°F | 183°C20
PorkPork Ribs350°F | 177°C18
PorkPork Roast360°F | 183°C20
PorkPork Tenderloin360°F | 183°C20
PoultryChicken Breast (with Garlic Panko)370°F | 165°C15
PoultryChicken Breast (with bones, large)370°F | 165°C25
PoultryChicken Breast (boneless, 4 oz)370°F | 165°C12
PoultryChicken Parmesan370°F | 165°C15
PoultryChicken Quesadilla370°F | 188°C6
PoultryChicken Stir-fry360°F | 183°C15
PoultryChicken Tenders400°F | 205°C20
PoultryChicken Thighs390°F | 199°C20
PoultryChicken Whole 4.5lbs350°F | 177°C60 then
PoultryChicken Wings380°F | 187°C
400°F | 205°C
24 then
PoultryCornish Game Hen400°F | 205°C45
PoultryRoasted Duck (Pre-cooked)360°F | 183°C12-15
PoultryTurkey Burger400°F | 205°C12
PoultryTurkey Breast360°F | 183°C45-50
SeafoodCatfish400°F | 205°C18-20
SeafoodFish & Chips400°F | 205°C10
SeafoodLobster Tails375°F | 190°C7-10
SeafoodPopcorn Shrimp (Prawns)390°F | 199°C8-10
SeafoodJumbo Shrimp (Prawns)390°F | 199°C7-10
SeafoodSalmon Fillets390°F | 199°C10-13
SeafoodCrab Cakes350°F | 177°C8-12
SeafoodScallops390°F | 199°C4
SeafoodCoconut Prawns / Shrimp350°F | 177°C6 - 9
SeafoodSalmon400°F | 205°C10
SeafoodTilapia400°F | 205°C8-12
SideBiscuits340°F | 171°C8
SideCornbread Muffins400°F | 205°C12
SideFrench Fries (homemade, not frozen)400°F | 205°C25-30
SideFried Rice400°F | 205°C20
VegetablesAsparagus400°F | 205°C10-12
VegetablesBroccoli400°F | 205°C15-20
VegetablesBrussels Sprouts360°F | 183°C15-20
VegetablesButternut Squash400°F | 205°C15
VegetablesBeets390°F | 199°C45-60
VegetablesBell Peppers (Roasted)400°F | 205°C8-12
VegetablesCarrots400°F | 205°C14-16
VegetablesCauliflower400°F | 205°C14
VegetablesCorn on the Cob400°F | 205°C9-10
VegetablesEggplant370°F | 165°C20
VegetablesGreen Beans400°F | 205°C8
VegetablesKale300°F | 148°C9-12
VegetablesMushrooms (Whole)380°F | 187°C10-12
VegetablesParsnips (in cubes)380°F | 187°C15
VegetablesPeppers (cut in 1" pieces)400°F | 205°C15
VegetablesPotatoes (Baked)400°F | 205°C40
VegetablesPotatoes Roasted(baby potatoes)400°F | 205°C15
VegetablesSpaghetti Squash360°F | 183°C25-30
VegetablesSweet Potato (Baked)400°F | 205°C30-35
VegetablesSweet Potatoes Fries400°F | 205°C22
VegetablesSquash (in cubes)400°F | 205°C12
VegetablesYellow Squash (Slices or half-moons)400°F | 205°C25-30
VegetablesYellow Squash and Zucchini400°F | 205°C15
VegetablesZucchini (Slices)400°F | 205°C10-15
VegetablesZucchini Fries (Battered)400°F | 205°C10-12

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