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Air Fry Spiral Ham

spiral ham cooked in an air fryer

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I know what you’re thinking because I thought it, too. Cook a spiral ham in an air fryer? But why? I mean, it’s already cooked for you. Why would you need to do anything but stick in the oven and warm it for a couple hours?

It won’t be less fattening. In fact, we make no promises that the ham will magically be healthier if cooked in an air fryer. It won’t. Ham is ham–fattening, delicious, and decadent in all of its magnificent honey glazed glory.

But…cooking your ham in an air fryer WILL prove to be a huge time saver.

Isn’t that one of the main reasons most people only eat ham on the weekends or at holiday meals? Really, ham is a cost-effective way to feed a lot of people. And with the promise of amazing sandwiches the next day, ham rarely goes to waste. But the truth is that most people aren’t willing to wait two hours to warm up a ham after a long day at work.

So if you’re big on ham but short on time, cooking your spiral ham in an air fryer is the perfect answer to your timing issues. While warming a ham in an oven will take around two hours, cooking your ham in an air fryer takes only 30 minutes, making quick work of hours-long process in the oven.


Ingredients for Spiral Ham

  • 1 pre-cooked spiral glazed honey ham
  • Provided glaze


  1. I used a large 5.3 qt power air fryer xl, reviewed here, yet the ham still would not fit.
  2. If your ham doesn’t fit, cut the ham off the bone. After I did this, it fit with no problem.
  3. Cook ham for 15 minutes at 300 degrees
  4. While the ham is doing its initial cook, prepare the glaze per directions.
  5. When ham finishes, take out and rotate the top half of your ham slices to the bottom of the pan and the bottom half to the top
  6. While rotating the ham put glaze on in layers as you place ham back into the air fryer basket.
  7. Cook ham for 15 minutes at 300 degrees.
  8. Take out, make sure hot throughout all layers in the basket and enjoy!

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