Air Fryer Cooking Chart for Frozen Food in Air Fryer

frozen foods have different cooking times in air fryerWhether you’re cooking finger foods for a party or serving up snacks for your family, an air fryer is the perfect solution for preparing frozen foods quickly and easily.

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Cooking Frozen food in air fryer just got easier. With this convenient, easy-to-use chart, find cook times and temperatures quickly, making air frying your frozen favorites simple.

Frozen Food in Air Fryer Cooking Chart

TypeFoodTemperature (F)Cooking Time (minutes)
AppetizerFrozen Pizza Rolls3807
Appetizer/SideFrozen French Fries40018-20
Main CourseFrozen Corn Dogs3907
Main Course / AppetizerFrozen Chicken Strips39012
AppetizerFrozen Chicken Fries3908