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Cooking Pizza Rolls in Air Fryer

totino's frozen pizza rolls cooked in an air fryer

Whether you have children, are hosting a casual party, or just love finger food, then you’ve probably cooked frozen pizza rolls. These tasty, bite-sized mini-pizzas are a delicious party favorite no matter how they’re prepared, but you haven’t truly lived unless you’ve discovered how to air fry pizza rolls in air fryer.

Oven/Microwave Prep vs. Air Frying Frozen Pizza Rolls

Because preparing food in a deep fryer is unhealthy, most adults preparing pizza rolls typically choose to bake them in the oven or prepare them in the microwave. However, even when baked at a high temperature and turned half-way through, the pizza rolls often come out with a soggy, uneven finish. When heated in the microwave, pizza rolls will be heated through, but they’ll have a limp, rubbery finish that will give them an unappealing, gummy texture. They still taste okay, but wouldn’t it be better if they were cooked all the way through with a crisp, golden finish?

That’s where the air fryer comes in.

Cooking Pizza Rolls in Air Fryer

Since no oil is needed for cooking in an air fryer, you can cook these pizza rolls with no added fat or calories. An added bonus is that the air fryer will save at least 15 minutes since there is no need to preheat first. Plus, these pizza rolls are cooked to perfection in only seven minutes, which makes using an air fryer more appealing than the deep fryer, oven, or microwave.

pizza rolls in air fryer
Prep Time
0 mins
Cook Time
7 mins
Total Time
7 mins
Course: Appetizer
  • 1 bag frozen pizza roles depending on the size of your air fryer, you might need to prepare in two batches
  1. Cook at 380 degrees for 7 minutes

  2. shake the pizza rolls when 3 minutes are left in cooking time.

  3. Plate and Enjoy!

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