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Air Fryer Fish and Chips

Air Fryer Fish and Chips

If you’re a lover of fried food, the odds of you loving a meal of crispy fish and chips are in your favor. This take-away favorite from our friends across the pond in the United Kingdom is comprised of flaky white fish, like cod, dipped in a batter or egg wash and fried until golden and crispy. Served with fries, this dish may be scrumptious, but the calorie count will raise your blood pressure. Reduce the unnecessary fat and calories by trying air fryer fish and chips instead.

Prepared in the air fryer, you’ll still get the flavor and texture you  love without the unhealthy side effects. Using your air fryer not only makes this fish and chips recipe healthier, but it is also quick and easy to prepare. If you are busy with your career or find yourself driving the kids from activity to activity, this recipe has only a few ingredients, takes less than 10 minutes to prep (if you’re making fries from scratch)  and only 10 minutes to cook. Go from prep to plate in as little as 15 minutes using a healthier alternative to deep frying.

The end result is a delicious air fryer fish and chips meal you and your family will add to the kitchen rotation.

Ingredients for Air Fryer Fish and Chips

  • 3-4 pieces of cod or other white fish
  • 1 Cup flour
  • 2 Eggs
  • 3/4 Cup Panko Bread Crumbs
  • 1/4 Tsp Cajun seasoning
  • Salt and Pepper to taste (most Cajun seasonings already contain salt)
  • Make fries, according to our recipe, or use 1/2 bag of frozen


  • Sprinkle salt and pepper over fish, as desired
  • Place flour in bowl, set aside
  • Beat 2 eggs in a bowl, set aside
  • In a small bowl, combine Panko with Cajun seasoning, set aside.
  • Spray basket of air fryer with oil mister or non-stick spray
  • Coat fish in flour, then egg, and finally, the Panko mixture. Place in air fryer. Repeat the process until all the fish is coated in the egg wash mixture.
  • If there is room in your air fryer, place frozen fries or homemade fries beside the fish.
  • Cook at 400 degrees for 10 minutes, flipping the fish at five minutes.
  • Plate and Enjoy!

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