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The Fine Life Oil Mister

the fine life oil mister review

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If you’re looking for a healthier means for cooking oil use when preparing your favorite healthy meals, investing in an oil mister is an optimal solution that will meet your needs. While most oil misters cost between $20 and $30, you may find that the investment will pay for itself with the long term savings. Basically, you will conserve your expensive cooking oils and save money on non-stick cooking spray. And if you are in the market for an oil mister, give The Fine Life oil mister a look.



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Performance of The Fine Life Oil Mister

We have been using our oil mister by The Fine Life for a few weeks, and so far, so good. Simply fill your mister with oil, vinegar, or even lemon juice just below the max fill line, pump three or four times, and mist your favorite air fryer foods with the amount of desired oil.

The pump is smooth, and the sprayer produces a fine mist that covers your foods evenly with the amount of oil that is just right for the texture and taste you are hoping to achieve. During the time of use, we haven’t experienced any clogging and have been happy with this brand. The Fine Life Oil Mister offers a variety of uses.

  • Fill with your favorite cooking oil to reduce the amount of fat used with your favorite foods.
  • Fill with organic, high-quality infused oils and mist over salad greens.
  • Fill with balsamic or other fine vinegar for use in cooking or to mist over salad.
  • Fill the mister with lemon juice, lime juice, or other extracted juices for use on fish and other foods.
  • Fill the mister with infused oils and mist over snacks, like popcorn or chips for added flavor.



The Fine Life Oil Mister is made from durable, lightweight plastic. In a month, this product has proven to be durable, though I found the price point to be a bit high for all plastic parts.

With that said, I can use this product when cooking with my four year-old without having to worry about glass parts, which could be disastrous in small hands.

Ease of Cleaning

The only downside of cleaning this product is that it is not dishwasher safe. I am assuming the extreme heat of the dishwasher would likely melt the plastic. However, manual cleaning is simple. Just wash the oil mister in hot, soapy water and let dry. Easy enough.


Ease of Use

There is no complicated magic to using this product. It’s so easy, in fact, that the instructions for use on clearly printed on the side of the packaging with straight-forward directions and pictures that break down use in only three steps. It doesn’t get any easier than that.


The Fine Life Oil Mister is small enough to store easily in a kitchen cabinet but large enough that it’s not necessary to refill constantly. I keep mine on a small shelf where I store my herbs and spices. I have small hands, but I haven’t had any trouble holding the product in one hand and pressing the mister with my index finger.


The Fine Life Oil Mister is easy to use, easy to clean, and adequately covers food with a fine mist that reduces the amount of oil and chemicals my family consumes. While I do think the price point is $5-$10 higher than I would expect to pay for a plastic product, I have been satisfied with its performance thus far. Some of the reviews mention that they have been disappointed with the product long-term, so time will tell whether this product holds up to the competition in the long haul. Overall, I have been happy with The Fine Life Oil Mister.

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The Fine Life Oil Mister enables at-home chefs to evenly coat foods, skillets, and appliance attachments in less oil than the tradition method of measurement and without the chemicals added to non-stick cooking oil sprays.

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