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7 Top Food Bloggers that are going to help you Lose 20 lbs

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What?? You’ve given up on your New Year’s resolution to lose weight already?!?! It’s only mid-February — you’ve still got 10 months left to go!!

Everybody needs a gentle nudge every now and then to stay motivated. But it’s a lot easier to stay motivated if you’ve got some half-decent eats that won’t leave you reaching for the Pringles an hour later. (Sorry Pringles – we still love you).

Today I’m going to introduce you to 7 of the top food bloggers that will keep you inspired and give you some meal ideas to stick to your plan.

Recipe Girl

Lori Lange is the founder of the Recipe Girl blog, an amazing resource for all of us that disseminates healthy yet tasty new recipes every day. Lori has a real knack for delivering meal ideas that taste great, look great (she’s obviously big on presentation), and won’t have you tipping the scales at your next weigh-in. Her recipes are much more than just a simple list of ingredients and directions. She goes the extra mile to add a personal touch to them, giving us a feel for her own experience when preparing each meal herself. Those interested in weight-loss will want to head straight to her category listings for Low Carb, Low Fat, Vegan, and Weight Watchers recipes.

Sprouted Kitchen

Sara Forte is a well-known blogger responsible for bringing is the Sprouted Kitchen. She and her husband published two successful cookbooks now and their claim to fame is that they have fully embraced the idea of eating whole foods – using ingredients made from whole grains, natural sugars, and healthy fats. I love the style of her blog, incorporating a mix of their personal lives (they just had a baby!) and healthy eating. Her recipe index has hundreds of choices ranging from fares as simple as brownies to gastronomical complexities like salmon skewers with cucumber yogurt sauce.

Oh She Glows

Oh She Glows is a wonderful blog written by Angela Liddon, author of the best-selling cookbook by the same name. Angela specializes in plant-based foods with such delights as Next Level Vegan Enchiladas and Granola Nut Clusters. The part I love most about her blog though is her tutorial section, where she gives extremely useful tips that help the “Kitchen-Challenged” of us to fare a bit better.

Naturally Ella

Erin Alderson is the author of two excellent cookbooks (one of which I happen to own) and also the author of the blog Naturally Ella. (I was confused by the blog name too until I learned that Ella is actually Erin’s initials!) You’ll find nothing but top quality vegetarian dishes on her blog – I’m somewhat carnivorous myself but tried making her Curried Chickpea Lettuce Salad Wraps and LOVED them! She even has a section on sourcing ingredients given that some of them may be difficult to find, particularly if you aren’t situated in an urban center.

A Couple Cooks

A Couple Cooks is an excellent blog written and maintained by husband and wife team Sonja and Alex Overhiser. They are dead serious about healthy eating and it shows in their writing. While their recipes offer options for every meal of the day, my favorite is their salads — the Thai Cucumber Salad is to die for. In addition to the blog, they also host a regular podcast. I haven’t had the pleasure to listen to it myself yet, but if it’s anything like their blog you won’t be disappointed.


If it’s not enough for you to lose a few pounds but you’re looking to get into awesome shape as well, you’ll want to check out Powercakes by Kasey Arena. She is a professional fitness trainer with a self-proclaimed love for both nutrition and athletics. Her blog has plenty of recipes to boost your metabolism and give you that needed energy for your next trip to the gym. Kasey has an exercise/workout section on her blog as well which is handy for those of us that need some extra tips.

Incredible Smoothies

We wouldn’t be complete without mention of Tracy Russell’s blog called Incredible Smoothies. Now I’ll admit that I was never much of a green smoothie drinker in the past, but after trying a few of Tracy’s creations I’m hooked! I love how she has all of the smoothie recipes categorized by the main ingredient, so that if there’s something you REALLY don’t like, then it’s easy to avoid. (Sorry Tracy – I’m STILL can’t manage to choke down a pumpkin smoothie!) 🙂 If you’re really looking for some extra help, be sure to check out her weight loss plan and boot camp as well!


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