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Air Fryer Caprese Grilled Cheese

Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwich Air Fried

One of my favorite appetizers is the indulgent Caprese Salad. Loaded with fresh mozzarella rounds, juicy tomatoes, sweet basil, and drizzled balsamic, it’s not difficult to tell why it’s such a popular choice at restaurants all over the world. But what if you could take the ingredients to this popular salad and sandwich it between two slices of buttered bread? We, here at airfrying, did just that. If you love gourmet grilled cheese, then our air fryer Caprese Grilled Cheese sandwich is a must.

Like our other gourmet sandwiches, always choose your ingredients with care. For this savory culinary creation, we recommend all fresh ingredients. When whole milk Mozzarella combines with fresh basil, vine-ripe tomatoes, and a drizzle of your favorite variety of balsamic vinegar, you get a garden fresh sandwich that will please most any crowd.

For the bread, there are several options that will be delicious. Focaccia or Ciabatta are my two favorites, but I have found that a good Italian Herb loaf works best for grilling in the air fryer.

Whatever bread you choose, this delicious sandwich is the perfect mate for a steaming bowl of tomato-basil soup.

Caprice Grilled Cheese Air Fried
Prep Time
4 mins
Cook Time
4 mins
Total Time
8 mins
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Caprice Grilled Cheese Air Fried
Servings: 1 person
  • 2 slices Caprice Cheese
  • 2 slices bread we used brioche highly recommended
  • 2 tsp no-salt butter
  • 1 tomato
  1. add cheese and slices of tomato onto 1 slice of bread.

  2. put top slice of bread on. Then butter both outside slices of the bread.

  3. place in air fryer and cook at 400º F for 2 minutes

  4. flip grilled cheese and cook at 400º F for another 2 minutes

  5. plate and enjoy! you won't believe how good this is!

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