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Getting Started With Your New Air Fryer

Getting started with your new air fryer

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Air fryers make great gifts and we know a lot of people receive them this time of year. How do we know? Visitors to increase starting Christmas day as new air fryer owners start using their new appliances.

Air Fryer Tips

We thought we’d pull together our best recommendations to make it easy to get started with your new air fryer. Once you make your first batch of perfectly crispy tater tots or see how easy it is to cook a whole chicken, we know you’ll fall in love with it – then wonder why you didn’t get one sooner!

Getting started with your new air fryer

Know The Time and Temp

A lot of people love using the air fryer to quickly prepare frozen convenience foods – I know that’s one of my favorite things about them! Check out – and bookmark! – our handy air fryer frozen food cooking chart.

Use The Right Oil

Yes, you can cook with less oil when using an air fryer, but sometimes you still need to use it. And it’s important to know which oils work best in an air fryer since you’re cooking at high temperatures. Pick an oil you like and use an oil mister to regulate the amount used.

Accessorize Your Air Fryer

Once you fall in love with your air fryer, you’ll want to use it all the time. Some accessories for your air fryer will make it more multi-functional and simplify using it. One of our favorite accessories is basket liners: they help with clean up and prevent food from sticking to the basket

Clean Your Air Fryer

Read about the five easy steps to cleaning your air fryer. Not only do you need to clean the basket, but the inside of the air fryer as well, especially the heating element.

Happy air frying!


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