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Which Air Fryer Attachments Do I Need?

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Okay, you’ve purchased your air fryer. You’re learning how to cook a variety of meats, veggies, and frozen foods with efficiency. But if you want to move on to more challenging recipes, you might be in need of a few air fryer attachments.

Why Do I Need Air Fryer Attachments?

Dishes likes chicken, beef, and fish, as well as vegetables and frozen foods, are easily cooked to perfection in the regular basket included with your air fryer. However, if your ambition grows, and you find yourself wanting to cook foods like cake, pizza, or boiled eggs, you will need special air fryer attachments to ensure even, precise cooking and prevent messes that could be difficult to clean and even damage your air fryer. 

Must-Have Air Fryer Attachments

The following list will provide you with a variety of air fryer attachments available and how to use them.

Purchasing a baking pan to use in your air fryer is a great investment if you enjoy cooking deep-dish items or desserts. This baking pan, which fits conveniently inside a variety of air fryer models, including Phillips and NuWave, will enable you to quickly bake delicious foods like macaroni and cheese and a variety of delicious cakes and desserts. The benefit of cooking such items in the air fryer, as opposed to a conventional oven is time. The air fryer preheats quickly, and, thanks to the rapid air technology, cooks more quickly than in an oven.

Airfrying recommends the aayu Air Fryer Baking Pan, which is compatible with several air fryer brands, as well as the Instant Pot. So those who cook with both air fryer and Instant Pots can use this pan for both appliances. However, if you prefer to purchase a baking pan within the specific brand of your air fryer, these air fryer attachments are easily found to fit your model.

If you enjoy fresh or frozen pizza cooked quickly with a crispy finish in a short amount of time, then an air fryer pizza pan is a must-have accessory. This pan will prevent messy leaking of sauce and cheese and provide an evenly cooked, crispy finish for your crust the air fryer basket can’t accomplish alone. While these air fryer attachments can be purchased alone, they are most commonly found as a part of a five-piece set specific to your air fryer brand. For example, this SLC set comes with a pizza pan.

Wish you could cook entire meals in your air fryer? Then, you need a double rack for your appliance. Cook chicken tenders and french fries at the same time or air fry roasted potatoes with scallops. While these racks are sold individually, they can also be purchased as a part of kit or package for your specific brand of air fryer.

Airfrying recommends this inexpensive model from Hiware, which fits most air fryer models. However, if you prefer to buy brand-specific products, most models offer the option.

Experience the fresh-from-the-grill finish with an air fryer grill pan, perfect for chicken, fish, steak, and more. This attachment also doubles as a fry pan, which will enable you to cook other delicious favorites like omelets and sauteed vegetables. While these are usually included in accessory sets, you can also purchase them individually, specific to your air fryer brand, like this Phillips model.

If you boil eggs for make-ahead breakfasts, toppings for salads, egg salads, or snacks, then having an egg steamer rack for you air fryer is going to make your life so much easier. The benefit to “boiling” eggs in your air fryer is cook and clean-up time. This special rack holds the eggs in place against the rapid air technology, cooking your eggs to perfection without the hassle of boiling water. We recommend this inexpensive T&B brand, which fits most air fryers and is also compatible with Instant Pots.

Recommended Air Fryer Attachments Kit

Findingdream Universal Air Fryer Accessories Buy on Amazon

This affordable air fryer attachments kit comes with a baking pan, pizza pan, grill pan, metal rack, skewers, and multi-purpose mat. It is compatible with Phillips, GoWise, Cozyna and more. At only $25.99 and free two-day shipping for  Prime members, this kit is a cost-effective way to purchase multiple accessories compatible with your air fryer brand and model.

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