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Why You Should Invest in a Mandoline Slicer

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Whether you are an air frying expert or new to the craze, having the right tools in your kitchen will save a tremendous amount of time and frustration, especially when preparing your favorite air fried foods from scratch. Aside from accessories and attachments for your air fryer, investing in an inexpensive mandoline slicer is the single most important weapon in your kitchen arsenal.

Trust me. You need one.

What is a Mandoline Slicer?

Simply put, a mandoline slicer is a manual kitchen appliance used for cutting fruits and vegetables. Typically equipped with a variety of blades, mandoline slicers provide an easy, efficient method to chop, dice, waffle, julienne,shred, chip, or zest the tasty fruits and veggies you plan to air fry or pair with your air fried foods. Prices range from inexpensive to top-of-the-line, but for your purposes, a high-quality inexpensive mandoline slicer will serve your purposes.

Why Invest in a Mandoline Slicer?

An inexpensive mandoline slicer will save time and provide perfect cuts, which will, in turn, result in more evenly cooked foods.

This small appliance will instantly rack up hours in prep-time savings. Making potato chips? Rather than agonizing for thirty minutes in your efforts to slice each potato with cuts the same width, simply set the mandoline slicer to the desired thickness and go. Your prep time–as well as your frustration and potential for injury–is drastically reduced.

Making sweet potato fries? Ensure even, thorough cooking by slicing your fries with a mandoline slicer. Each individual fry will be the same size, which will cook more evenly for that crispy texture you desire when cooking chips or fries.

If the foods you love require frequent chopping, slicing, and dicing, invest in a mandoline slicer. You won’t be sorry.

Best Inexpensive Mandoline Slicers

Now that you’ve decided to invest in an inexpensive mandoline slicer, it is important to know which brands offer the highest quality and best options for the price. Mandoline slicers can be purchased at most retailers that sell kitchen items and appliances, so finding one to suit your budget will be relatively easy. However, to simplify your life even more, has comprised a list of the best value mandoline slicers.

1. Fullstar Vegetable Chopper Mandoline Slicer Dicer

This 7-in-1 inexpensive mandoline slicer offers more options than the competition. Equipped with 7 blades instead of the standard 5, this mandoline slicer offers both large and small dice blades, a ribbon blade, and a spiral blade in addition to the regular graters and slicers, which allows for more diverse, healthier meals, like zoodles in place of pasta. This model also comes with a BPA free plastic basket to catch the vegetables, which allows for easy, mess-free slicing. Plus, clean up is a snap because this model is top-rack approved, so rinse, place in your dishwasher, and go about your business. And for only $25 and change, it’s easy to see why the Fullstar brand ranks at the top of our list.

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2. Mueller Austria V-Pro 5 Blade Adjustable Mandoline Slicer

Equipped with five surgical stainless steel blades, this brand is Airfyring’s top pick for the most affordable high-quality mandoline slicer for home use. It slices everything from potatoes to tough-skinned tomatoes with extra sharp blades and an easy-to-use design. However, this mandoline slicer really stands out due to its patented knob adjustment that allows for easier use, regardless of what foods you are slicing. Plus, it’s made with durable food-grade BPA plastic for worry free use. Priced at only $29.99 with more than a thousand five-star reviews, it’s easy to see why this inexpensive mandoline slicer made the list.

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3. Home Native Adjustable Mandoline Slicer

Also equipped with five blades, this Home Native brand slicer allows for easy fine grating, cheese and vegetable grating, vegetable slicing, and julienne options. This model also comes equipped with a basket attachment that catches the veggies as they slice, which allows for less messes on your counter top. In addition, this mandoline slicer features so slide grips so that your slicer stays put and keeps you safe while working in the kitchen. It also comes with a safety glove to prevent potential injuries while using the slicer, which is also equipped with a safety guard. Priced at only $19.99, the Home Native Adjustable Mandonline Slicer is a great value.

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4. OXO Good Grips V-Blade Mandoline Slicer

This OXO mandoline slicer comes with four stainless steel blades and an easy-to-use thickness adjustment knob that allows for quick, easy settings. This product features v-shaped blades, which slice through tough veggies like potatoes, as well as softer fruits like tomatoes and melon with a clean cut every time. The OXO allows for straight and wavy cuts, crinkle cuts, and julienne cuts. Overall, this product is well-made and easy-to-use, but with only four blades and a price tag of $39.95, it falls slightly behind the competition.

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5. Progressive International PL8 Mandoline Slicer

While this Progressive International mandoline slicer offers less blades than the competition, the blades are integrated, so this entire model contains no loose parts. Change blades and thickness with the easy-to-use adjustment knob for seamless use, which is an added bonus when slicing more than one type of cut or vegetable. This product is also dishwasher safe for easy clean-up and features a non-slip grip for safety. While this product definitely ranks for quality, it offers fewer options and a higher price tag than the competition.

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