General Wong’s Beef & Broccoli

General Wong doesn’t disappoint (does he ever??) with this variant of traditional Chinese Beef & Broccoli. Make this at home and avoid the MSG-induced coma you’ll likely endure picking this up at the local Chinese eatery. One of my favorites and also one of our favorite healthy air fryer recipes. Serves four.

Bangkok Chicken Stirfry

The wonderful thing about stir-frys is that they are so flexible. Throw any combination of meat and vegetables into your air fryer, add a bit of Asian sauce for flavor, cook for 15 minutes, and serve over rice — and you’re done! Following is one of my favorite stirfry variants. I call it Bangkok Chicken Stirfry because of the copious amounts of oyster sauce I use, which is a staple in Thai cooking. Serves four.

Air Fryer Thai Larb

Thai Larb is a wonderful dish from Thailand that utilizes a great blend of ground beef, vegetables, and spices for a refreshing dish. This is the companion write-up to the video demonstration below made by Chef Ming Tsai using a T-fal Actifry air fryer. Serves four.

Homemade Sweet Potato Fries

Breakaway from traditional french fries — try these delicious sweet potato fries. Sweet potatoes are super tasty vegetables with tons of nutritional value.  And the best part about this? Sweet Potatoes make wonderful french fries in the air fryer.

Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings

Get ready for game time with this super easy to make a recipe for Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings in your Air Fryer. These wings will have that deep-fried taste without the calories. Serves four.

Homemade Air Fried French Fries

The most famous of all fried foods just became more healthy. Check out this recipe for homemade crispy golden French Fries. This is a quick and simple dish that can easily be made in any standard air fryer. Serves 2.