Air Fryer Basket Liners: Are they worth the expense?

If you own an air fryer, then you know that there are a slew of air frying accessories on the market claiming to make your life easier. Air fryer basket liners are no exception. But are they worth it, or are they just another gimmick? In the following article, we at will report our experience with air fryer basket liners and let you know the pros and cons of these liners.

Air Fryer Basket Liners: What’s the Point?

The appeal of basket liners is a no-brainer.

These liners, typically made of parchment paper, fit nicely into the bottom of your air fryer and are marketed to prevent food from sticking to the bottom of the basket. In addition, the parchment or silicon liners should also prevent burning. The function is a lot like using them in the oven so you don’t scorch the bottoms of your cookies!  Finally, most companies also claim that liners make clean-up easier.

But Do They Work?

Overall, I would say yes.

Personally, I love to use the basket liners, especially when I’m air frying “baked” goods or meats. I had never used them before, but we were lucky enough to receive a free pack, and I will definitely buy them again when I am out.

The reasoning behind this is two-fold.

First, I have found that parchment basket liners do prevent food from sticking to the bottom of the basket. This is especially true when cooking meats. For example, when air frying chicken wings, I have found that the meat sticks to the bottom. The result is a messy air fryer basket with chicken crusted down in the ventilation holes of the basket. In addition, if you use marinades or sticky sauces when cooking, the parchment helps reduce sticking.

Second, basket liners prevent burning. Baked goods like cookies and pastries can still brown on the bottoms, and the liners are an easier and healthier alternative than greasing the basket with shortening.

Finally, air fryer basket liners do make clean-up easier, depending upon what food you’re cooking. There will still be clean-up involved with air frying foods like meats. However, the basket liners prevent food from sticking to the basket, which does reduce scrubbing time. For some foods, like cookies or baked potatoes, the liner keeps the basket clean throughout the cooking process, requiring only a rinse after use.

Where Do I Find Them?

I’m a shameless amazon prime junkie, and we purchase the majority of our accessories online. Luckily, there are several different options for basket liners that come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. The most popular are parchment, unbleached paper, bamboo, and silicon.  Basically, whatever your needs, whatever model of air fryer you own, there are liners for it!

Here are a few we recommend:


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