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Healthy Romantic Dinner for Valentine’s Day

created healthy romantic dinner with air fryer

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Looking for ways to wow that special someone this Valentine’s Day? Avoid the crowds and prepare a healthy romantic dinner for two right in your very own kitchen. Sometimes, making an extra effort with a romantic gesture will show your partner just how much you care, so break out the candles and fine china, and prepare dinner and dessert for the one you love this year.

Lucky for you, the writing staff at has put together some of their favorite recipes–all which can be prepared in your air fryer–to create a healthy romantic dinner for your valentine. From a restaurant-quality main course to a delicious dessert with coffee, we have your perfect date night covered.

A Healthy Romantic Dinner Menu

scallops air friedBacon wrapped Filet Mignon with Sea Scallops

Make these delicacies a duo this Valentine’s Day to create a memorable meal that will show off your culinary skills and impress your partner. The Filet Mignon and Sea Scallops provides just the right protein portion to leave you satisfied but not sluggish so that both of you can save room for dessert. Just brush with olive oil, add your favorite seasonings, and set the timer on your air fryer to cook the steak to the perfect medium rare finish. As an added bonus, the filet and scallops can be prepared together to save time. Just be sure to stay on top of your scallops to avoid overcooking.

Multi-colored Roasted Potatoeshow to cook with air frying multicolored roasted potatoes

Prepare a side that is both fancier and more flavorful that the hum-drum baked potato by preparing these delectable roasted potatoes, which also add color and interest to the plate. When prepared in an air fryer, these potatoes make for a quick and delicious side that complements the main course.

air frying green beans

Fresh Green Beans with Garlic and Sage

If you’re trying to go the extra mile by preparing a homemade meal this Valentine’s Day, do yourself a favor. For the love of all that is holy, don’t open a can of green beans and dump them in a pot. We suggest indulging in these crisp green beans that outshine the typical legume.


Wine Selection

This is a tough one. While our palettes love steak and seafood, it’s going to be virtually impossible to find one wine that complements both. So, you can either choose white to enhance the flavors of the scallops or red to accompany the filet. We recommend Chardonnay or Riesling to go with the scallops, or if you simply prefer white wine over red. For the filet, we recommend Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, or Merlot.

However, if you’re looking for something festive that tastes decent with both, try popping open a bottle of champagne and toasting to each other.

For Dessert

Rich Crisp Apple Dumpling Dessert

apple dumpling dessert cooked in an air fryerIt requires more effort than purchasing a box of chocolates, and it’s more mature than a heart-shaped cookie, but these apple dumplings are simple and delicious. Prepare ahead of time or let them cook during dinner and serve them warm for sweet treat that didn’t come in a wrapper. Serve with ice cream and drizzle with warm caramel for an elegant finish your partner will remember for years to come.


For the Table

Valentine’s Day is no time to skimp on the details. Break out your linen table cloths, serve your food on your nicest dishes, and light some drippy candles to create a romantic atmosphere that truly celebrates your relationship. Turn on the soft music, open a bottle of wine or champagne, and enjoy sharing this delicious meal with your favorite valentine.

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