Air Fryer Texas Toast

Texas toast is the perfect addition to any Marinara sauce based pasta dish.  Whether you buy your bread and make it from scratch, or prefer frozen.   Use the air fryer to best cook your texas toast.

Frozen Mini-Corn Dogs in the air fryer

Having grown up in a small community, I have always loved when the fair came to town. To me, the fair meant corn dogs and I LOVE corn dogs.

Frozen Jalapeno Poppers in the air fryer

Over the past few weeks, we have been quarantined in our house, and really haven’t been making a lot of recipes in the air fryer (there have been a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches, though). We thought this would be a great time to post a lot of air fryer frozen foods to the blog that we hadn’t previously added.

Frozen fish sticks in the air fryer

As a kid, I loved fish sticks. Every time the Gorton Fish Stick commercial would come on, I would remind my mom to pick up some…and sometimes she even listened to me.  Not often, but enough.

Frozen potsticker dumplings in the air fryer

I truly love potstickers, they are a great appetizer to any meal. The biggest issue I have is that I struggle to steam them, and they probably should be steamed.

Air Fryer Frozen Spring Rolls

Frozen spring rolls are one of my favorite snacks, and are especially delicious when prepared in an air fryer.

Frozen Mozzarella Sticks in the Air Fryer

Sometimes you just want a quick and easy snack, and there is nothing easier than frozen mozzarella sticks prepared in the air fryer.

Air Fryer Frozen Egg Rolls

Frozen egg rolls are one of my favorite snacks, and are especially delicious when prepared in an air fryer.

Air Fryer Frozen Waffles

Waffles made with a waffle iron are superior on all levels. It’s hard to argue with that. But sometimes you don’t have the time or ingredients to make homemade waffles or you just don’t like the cleanup.

Air Fried Mac and Cheese Bites

While at Trader Joe’s the other day, I found these Mac and Cheese bites in the freezer section. I instantly thought, “I have to air fry these babies.”

Hot Pockets in the Air Fryer

Often times we just want something quick and easy to eat. For me, that means I go to my freezer and dig out a Hot Pocket.